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NEX Spotlight on the …. ZAKU EAGLES

It’s been a while in between drinks, but the NEX Spotlight has flickered back to life and who better to highlight than the current NEX Cup title holder – Coach Nick and his Zaku Eagles. I would like readers to keep in mind that this Spotlight was filled out way back on the 22nd April so some answers may no longer be accurate (Editors fault for which I apologise), but an interesting profile nonetheless of one of our fiercest competitors –

Which Telstra Cup team will win the Premiership, loyalties aside?


Which Telstra Cup team would you like most see take the Wooden Spoon this year ?

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The Cougars appear from The Jungle

After Coach Nick’s response to an earlier Media Conference from the Fazzie Cougars, media outlets have set up camp outside of the Cougars home ground – ‘The Jungle’ in the hope of another retort in this running verbal battle. Earlier today we were led into The Jungle’s conference room for this short but to the point outing by Coach Aaron –

Media: As you head into the first week of the trials, what do you expect?

Coach: Well i expect things to be a little rusty but its been a long pre season but the boys are choping at the bit

Media: Your first trial game is against the Cessnock Goanna’s that play in group 6 in NSW, do you know much about them?

Coach: Dont know to much about the players, but i believe Reg Reagan is the captain/coach.  I havent seen him from years, tough player, just hope he doesnt show up with a KB in hand”.

Media: After this game, you have three trials to get things right, plenty of time?

Coach: I think so.  These games are designed to try things and get you ready for the toughest league in fantasy land.

Media: What are you expecting from the NEX CUP this year?

Coach: Teams are looking tougher and coaches are more prepared. But what ever other teams throw at us, we will be ready.  My boys will be ready when the first official game kicks off and be more then happy to take two points.

Media: Talking about other teams, Zaku released a statement yesterday and believes the Cougars have nothing to offer.

Coach: (chuckle) Coach Nick is entitled to his opinion, but sure is a funny guy.

Media:  People believe that your match up with Zaku has a feel much the same as state of origin, any comments.

Coach: People can call it what they want, i’m not going to lose any sleep.  But i will say this, Zaku are the defending champions and they are the hunted. I just hope he can live up to his words as we all know about Coach Nick’s off field problems he had in the pre season, but we wont talk about that.

Media: So no love lost with Coach Nick?

Coach: Mate, you write what you want, i think the world knows where Cougars and Eagles sit.  Thats enough questions.

Brought to you by COUGAR BOURBON

Editors Note – As a journalist in the media huddle may I say the demeanour in the room became a lot more intense when the Zaku Eagles were mentioned. We may choose to believe that the match up between Cougars V Eagles will be just another match in the NEX, but for me, that particular club match will be equal to any rep outing for the year.

The Rebels are back!

In an 11th hour bid, the Rebs Rebels have retained their rightful spot in the NEX Cup! Competing in the No Excuses last season, word on the street was that the Rebels never really found their feet from the get go, but this year Coach Scott is promising more from his troops and with a years worth of experience – who is gonna argue? Suspected grudge matches from Coach Shane and Coach Fazzie could arise for boasting rights within the work arena.

Well this is it Coaches, we are finally here – Are your smokies going to perform? – Will the DT stars live up to their hefty price tag? – Is your strategy the right strategy? – Will the Zaku Eagles reign supreme as they did last season? – Is the Eagles V Cougars match the biggest grudge match of the year?

All these questions will begin to get answered tonight where at the end of the round you will be either gloating, or restructuring your squad. The competition looks especially fierce with some big talkin newcomers (not mentioning any names Coach Mark), some real league heads, the quiet achievers who were on the fringe of something big last year (Coach Trav and Coach Jahred), and not forgetting all the participants in the Top 8 will be expecting to be there come Round 22 this year.

It’s a long season and all I can say is whoever is left standing holding the NEX Cup above their heads at the end, will be a Coach who truly deserves it ! May the best Coach win …….

What’s new? I didn’t see that !!

Coach Shane and his Sabian Sonors arrived with a crash last night, ready to rumble in this years NEX Cup. Coach Shane started in our first year of Fantasy Footy when we had a crack at the Fox Sports competition and if memory serves he took that comp out in the first year. The Villains were dual competing that year in the NRLs far superior comp, where the move was made the following season and we have yet to look back. Unfortunately for the Sonors they never faired as well as their previous years feats. Like all Coach Shane is bit wiser, and threatening to relive the glory that was his first season – not forgetting that Coach Shane and his Sabian Sonors were one of only two teams to topple the mighty Zaku Eagles last season. A rematch worth waiting for ……

Upon enlisting Coach Shane pointed out one very interesting point in the ‘What’s New’ section that I was remiss to have a look at, one that could have a fairly big impact on your recruiting process – A new team editing feature that lets you switch players named in two positions,  without forfeiting a trade. I noticed with Coach Jimmy how they have slimmed down the dual positional attributes of players this season and now we know why. Could be an ace up your sleeve, or just another frustration to consider when selecting players !


To the inaugural No Excuses Cup website! A resource for Dream Team Coaches to obtain information, read there team in print and of course banter in the comments. Albeit very primitive as it was rushed out due to the early start to proceedings, I am sure as I get used to using this it will become easier to handle and more pleasant for the reader, so bare with me. I am hopeful of a full competitive league of Dream Teams this year, with many of the Coaches hungry and ready for a return to have a shot at the NEX Cup which currently resides in Coach Nick’s trophy Cabinet after his Zaku Eagles brought it home last season in style. I will start reporting on news and views but if any Coaches feel the need to express their thoughts on the development process of their respective teams, please email them thru!

Let the games begin …..