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In Part 3 of Preparing for the bye rounds, I focused on the Canberra Raiders and that there was a big advantage of having a couple or Raiders in your team after the round 9 bye. 

If you have got players like Bronson Harrison and Terry Campese in your team already then it is about the pay off big time.  Round 12 is the final bye round for the Raiders so, baring injury, you will have those players available for the rest of the season.  If you need players who can score 40 points or more in a game then the Raiders have 3 to choose from. Continue reading

If coaches can limit the damage from the round 9 byes, you’ll have a couple of weeks to prepare for another big hit in round 11.  Only 6 teams in the round 11 bye but that marks the start of the SOO season. 

I am not here to offer advice, just point out some things that maybe some coaches haven’t considered. Continue reading