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Jarrod Sammut’s possible UK move

Penrith’s Jarrod Sammut is on the verge of signing with UK Super League outfit the Celtic Crusaders, and could have well have played his last game in the NRL. Sammut’s manager Alan Gainey¬†has confirmed a decision will be made within days after Penrith granted the 23-year-old permission to negotiate overseas in February. “They’ve made us a good offer for the rest of this season and two years after that. The only thing Jarrod needs to think about is the exchange rate, because the Australian dollar is pretty good against the pound right right now. D-day will probably come later this week.”

Ins and Outs

I was looking back through the news earlier in January of this year and came along an ‘Ins and Outs’ for player movements and injury concerns for this season. Mostly it was information we already knew about, but there were some injuries and their predicted returns that took me by surprise – {Bulldogs} David Stagg – shoulder (Rd 2) {Titans} Luke O’Dwyer – knee (Rd 3) Esi Tonga – shoulder (Rd 2) Aaron Cannings – shoulder (Rd 6) {Eels} Nathan Hindmarsh – wrist (indefinite) {Panthers} Jarrod Sammut – ankle (Rd 1-2) Gavin Cooper – ankle (Rd 1-2) {Rabbitohs} Michael Crocker – ankle (Rd 2) {Roosters} Braith Anasta – ankle (Rd 1) {Cowboys} Matt Bowen – knee (Rd 6) .

Now I do want you to keep in mind this information was posted early January and we all know injury times can change, but I at least wanted all coaches to know what they are considering early. How are those teams looking ? Finalised ? Changed 23 times ? Ever-growing watchlist ?

Jarrod Sammut’s wize wurds

Penrith Panther Jarrod Sammut ($117,500 HLV/FLB)¬† booked into the Tattoo studio in June last year to have his life motto emblazoned in big bold letters across his chest ‘Justify Your Existance’. The one thing he didn’t do was run a spell check on the design before inking it forever into existence! It was two weeks before he realised the spelling error “I had a little bit of a giggle about it but there’s not much I can do now,” Sammut said. Meanwhile the Panther has revealed a bulkier chest to display it on after a weights heavy off season in the gym. Sammut succombed to an ankle reconstruction in November last year that prevented him from running for a good portion of the off season. “I’ve put on a good 8kg,” Sammut revealed yesterday. “I played last year at 72kg to 74kg but I’m now at 82kg. It is the heaviest I have been.” With those now famous words on his chest, I am sure he will be out do just that in the upcoming season.