In an 11th hour bid, the Rebs Rebels have retained their rightful spot in the NEX Cup! Competing in the No Excuses last season, word on the street was that the Rebels never really found their feet from the get go, but this year Coach Scott is promising more from his troops and with a years worth of experience – who is gonna argue? Suspected grudge matches from Coach Shane and Coach Fazzie could arise for boasting rights within the work arena.

Well this is it Coaches, we are finally here – Are your smokies going to perform? – Will the DT stars live up to their hefty price tag? – Is your strategy the right strategy? – Will the Zaku Eagles reign supreme as they did last season? – Is the Eagles V Cougars match the biggest grudge match of the year?

All these questions will begin to get answered tonight where at the end of the round you will be either gloating, or restructuring your squad. The competition looks especially fierce with some big talkin newcomers (not mentioning any names Coach Mark), some real league heads, the quiet achievers who were on the fringe of something big last year (Coach Trav and Coach Jahred), and not forgetting all the participants in the Top 8 will be expecting to be there come Round 22 this year.

It’s a long season and all I can say is whoever is left standing holding the NEX Cup above their heads at the end, will be a Coach who truly deserves it ! May the best Coach win …….