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We are just 12 days from the kick off to the 2011 NRL/NEX Dream Team competitions so there isn’t much time left to work out that all important campaign strategy. 

In Part 1 – I talked about the Raiders and the advantage they had for coaches in the 2011 season.  They are not the only team with an advantage when it comes to the early bye rounds.  Another team with a similar advantage is the Warriors

The Warriors have their 1st bye in round 12 with the Raiders.  Be wary though – if you stack your team with players from the Raiders and Warriors it may cost you a win in your round 12 head-to-head clash in your individual league or get you knocked out of the Eliminator Competition.   

If you are considering the Warriors, they have some good scoring options to choose from.  New players to the club, old players, players returning from injury and a couple of cheap options to make you money and trade up to those high priced stars.  The down side to the Warriors is they share their round 17 bye with the Cowboys, Sea Eagles, Storm, Tigers, and the TitansContinue reading


NEX Spotlight on the ….. SABIAN SONORS

This week the Spotlight series takes it’s halogen gaze and bathes it in the direction of the Sabian Sonors, the current NEX League leaders. Now I wouldn’t normally call another Coach out on any of their answers, but I believe when someone is leading the rest of the NEX up the proverbial garden path, in the interest of keeping Coaches informed the truth deserves to be heard. I direct your attention to the question – Are you in any other NRL DT Leagues ….. Now I am just gonna throw another Leagues name out there – ‘The Homos’ – and see if Coach Shane can possibly explain his participation in a league which sounds so …. fabulous? Without further ado –

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Diggers send a message …

..and that message is that No.1 Position ‘Tastes Like Rad’ ©. Coach Jimmy of the NQ Digger Dandy’s has come through on his promise to be alot more competitive this season, and let me just say there is alot more ammunition in the Digger’s tank. Coach Jimmy’s philosophy was a simple one this season – 1. Don’t go with the heart 2. Go against previous seasons strategies. Early indications are that he has found the right formula but we all know it’s a long season, Coach Jimmy included!  Following closely behind is Coach Shane who takes out top honours over workmates Coach Aaron and Coach Scott. who also came good on his promise that the Rebs Rebels are here for business.

Our Premiers the Zaku Eagles started his campaign in 7th just breaking the 600 barrier by 4, I think Coach Nick maybe a little disappointed with his Eagles first hit out but will take some consolation in bettering his arch rivals the Fazzie Cougars.  The quiet achievers The Saints showed some early signs of life securing 4th overall positions behind The Villains who pleased their Coach in the first hit out. Coach Don of The Heroes placed in the mix at 6th, whilst rounding out the 8 was a newcomer to the NEX Coach Michael of Vecchio’s Vultures, an impressive placing for a rookie DT Coach.

The bottom 8 began with Fazzies Cougars, followed by The Leopards, Kings of Leon and a disappointed Dark Knights. The C-men’s wrapping up of the competition got off to a slow start placing 13th overall, followed by the Rhinos who unfortunately suffered a technical glitch at commencement of scoring resulting in The Rhinos missing out on valuable Reserves points. The NEX was rounded out by The Dream Team and The Lakelandians landing in the Wooden Spoon position, strategy re-thinks could be on the  cards for these Coaches or it could be simply a matter of an off week.

I urge new coaches to the comp to reconsider rash trades so early in the season, alot of players (I think) did not earn to their potential in the stats, and I believe over the upcoming rounds we will see the cream rise to the top. Keep in mind the Head to Head competition does not begin until Round 4 and also Player prices will not alter until the completion of Round 3.  Unless you have an injury that you just can’t afford to carry I would advise at least another round before using this valuable commodity.