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Something New at the NEX

Coaches visiting may or may not have noticed something new at the NEX over the past day or so, a new addition so to speak. So it is with this that I take the opportunity to welcome Coach Mick of the Rhinos to NEX press room! It was after the spotlight on Coach Mick that I gently prodded with regards to the possibly of contributing to the NEX, to which he eagerly replied that he would be happy to help out wherever needed. So it was after a week that Coach Mick submitted his first post, and he has hit the web running with this weeks Round Up the soon to be published Lowdown, and also the exhaustive analysis of your best bets for how to grapple tackle the upcoming Bye Rounds. So welcome mate, I am sure the NEX will only benefit from your input, I know I already have.

If any other Coaches are interested in publishing here at the NEX, don’t hesitate to drop me a mail at nrlfantasy09@gmail.com with your interest and ideas.

NEX Spotlight on the …… RHINOS

Welcome to the NEX Spotlight series! In this series of editorials, one by one we will Spotlight each and every team in the NEX League. There are a couple of reasons I decided to add this feature to our league, firstly just for a bit of fun but secondly and more importantly it is being used to make Coaches a bit more personable. As I write the editorials each week I am finding that I might be misrepresenting some Teams/Coaches and seem to be taking ‘editorial license’ more often than not, so in an effort to enable everyone to know each of you Coaches a little bit better, the ‘Spotlight’ is born. I will be emailing the questionnaire out at regular intervals and one requirement of being a participant in what will be one of the best Leagues in NRL DT is that you fill it out and email it back at your earliest convenience – there will be no time restraints on it’s return. As always feel free to comment on Coaches answers, as we all know it’s done with tongue firmly in cheek and anything said will be taken in the spirit of the competition. Our first feature is on one of the inaugurals –

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