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Ins and Outs

I was looking back through the news earlier in January of this year and came along an ‘Ins and Outs’ for player movements and injury concerns for this season. Mostly it was information we already knew about, but there were some injuries and their predicted returns that took me by surprise – {Bulldogs} David Stagg – shoulder (Rd 2) {Titans} Luke O’Dwyer – knee (Rd 3) Esi Tonga – shoulder (Rd 2) Aaron Cannings – shoulder (Rd 6) {Eels} Nathan Hindmarsh – wrist (indefinite) {Panthers} Jarrod Sammut – ankle (Rd 1-2) Gavin Cooper – ankle (Rd 1-2) {Rabbitohs} Michael Crocker – ankle (Rd 2) {Roosters} Braith Anasta – ankle (Rd 1) {Cowboys} Matt Bowen – knee (Rd 6) .

Now I do want you to keep in mind this information was posted early January and we all know injury times can change, but I at least wanted all coaches to know what they are considering early. How are those teams looking ? Finalised ? Changed 23 times ? Ever-growing watchlist ?

NRL Dream Team 2010 Open for Business

Hi Coaches,

Great news, the NEX Cup is officially open for business! Please register your respective teams for the upcoming season ASAP, if you are planning on inviting friends or relatives please ensure they are in for the long haul as the majority of Coaches I have spoken to in the NEX Cup would rather tough it out each week rather than take the easybeat route. If by chance you have visited this page and you are not already part of the NEX Cup I would appreciate an email/comment in advance of joining as I would like to give previous years Coaches first option to a position in this years League. LEAGUE CODE – 410169 is the identification required for joining this seasons Premier DT League – See You There !!

All Stars this weekend !!

The Indigenous All Stars Vs NRL All Stars game is on this weekend and will be the first time we get to see potential DT players for the first time in 2010. Get your clubs scouts out there to see what the early form has to offer!

The match will be televised in Qld at 7.30pm and Channel 9 has included some extra features in their broadcast, some will be for the better and some will be for the worse but either way it will be the first real taste of League for the year – warm up the couches coaches !!!

  • The match will be played in 20-minute quarters with unlimited interchange
  • The double try or eight-point try: Once a try is scored, the captain of the scoring team can advise the referee that the team will forgo the conversion and opt for the chance to have an additional play instead. Once a team decides to attempt the eight-point try, both sides can interchange to bring on offensive or defensive players. Play will then resume anywhere between the 10 and 20 metre mark and in line with where the try was scored. There is no kicking allowed in the extra play – the attacking team must break the defensive line to score. Any stoppage other than a try will see the match restart with a kick-off from halfway.
  • Quarter and three-quarter breaks will be taken on the field (five minutes)
  • The match will include four referees (only two on the field at any time) with spectators able to hear the on-field comments from referees at selected times during the match
  • Television viewers will have the chance to get inside the team-talk and hear what the coaches say with Wayne Bennett and Neil Henry agreeing to wear microphones during ‘quarter’ and ‘three-quarter’ breaks
  • The trainers from both teams will wear microphones throughout the game, providing further behind-the-scenes insights into the coaching strategies of both sides
  • The video referee will provide feedback to the Channel Nine commentary team following a video referee decision
  • Players will be fitted with GPS devices tracking their movements throughout the match
  • Players on the bench will be commenting on the Channel Nine broadcast throughout the match

All ‘Falling’ Stars ….

Big Dave Taylor is the next player to pull out of the inaugural All Stars clash because of niggling injuries. Taylor now joins Inglis, Ellis, Laurie and Toungue all who withdrew themselves from the game within the last 48 hours. UK superstar recruit Sam Burgess was immediately thrown into the NRL All Stars squad after clearing eligibility despite never having played a single game in Australia. Toungue and Ellis will be replace by Tiger Farrah and Raider Shillington, news which will no doubt excite Coach Jimmy of the Diggers who is big fan of Robbie Farah (sic). Real and Dream coaches alike will be viewing this match, not only for their first taste of league for the year but for any possible injuries arising from what could be a very hard fought match.

Kick change rule ?

Referees head honcho Robert Finch has announced this week a change to the rule regarding kick chasers in this years competition. Previously if chasers were positioned offside at the time of the kick in play, they were required to stay out of the 10 metres zone of the player receiving, or be penalised. This year if any chaser is deemed offside, a penalty will be blown whether the offside player has come in contact with the receiver or not? And worse still the penalty will be awarded from where the ball is kicked, not received. The rule is apparently in place to allow the backs more room to move in returning the ball. In one way, this could pile on the run metres for those players in the comp who excel in open field. Or in another, it could force coaches to instruct players to kick the ball dead as has been employed last season against players like Slater to take the kick return out of the game. One thing it will most definitely cause is more confusing refereeing decisions but only time will tell, my view is why fix it if it ain’t broken …..