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Got The Salary Cap Blues?

Like every other year before, I spent some time in the off-season working on a team and strategy that will give me an NEX Premiership.  And like every other year before the same problems cause the same headache once registrations open; how can I get the team I want with a $4.2 million salary cap. Continue reading


Daniel Mortimer missing again

The spectacular fall of young Parramatta halfback Daniel Mortimer has reduced him to playing for Wentworthville in the NSW Cup on Sunday. Rather than lead the resurgent Eels in the NRL at a packed Parramatta Stadium against Wests Tigers, Mortimer will be a few kilometres away at Ringrose Park guiding the Wenty Magpies against Central Coast. Mortimer was not named in the Eels squad yesterday and club officials failed to offer any explanation as to why the little No. 7 – battling second-year syndrome – was left out for a second week. Many believed Mortimer would return to the bench after being “rested” from Friday’s Brisbane encounter. But newcomers Anthony Mitchell and Taniela Lasalo were instead retained by coach Daniel Anderson.  Mortimer will play for Parramatta’s feeder club in the second-tier competition – and there is every chance he could be joined by Shane Shackleton. Shackleton was the big off-season recruit who lasted just a few minutes in Parramatta’s opening game before he tore his hamstring from the bone. “Morts will play for Wenty this weekend, but he won’t be named because the club isn’t keen on any publicity. They’ve had plenty in recent weeks,” one source said. “There’s also the chance of Shackleton playing, but he might not be back for another week.”

Eels Injury Update

The Pirtek Parramatta Eels currently have Shane Shackleton, Eric Grothe and Brendan Oake on the injury list. After sustaining an horrific hamstring injury in Round 1, Shackleton is now running and pushing for a return before the season ends, however he is wary pf pushing himself too far, too early. Eric Grothe has an ongoing knee injury and he also hopes to return before the end of the season. He is currently in the rehabilitation group working on running. Brendan Oake injured his thumb in the first minutes of the match against the Warriors in Round 17 and played 70 minutes with torn ligaments and tendons. He had surgery to repair the damage and is looking at returning in the late rounds of the season.

The Wing/Centre combination is the next key position to review and there really aren’t a lot of options available if you want your backline scoring good points. 

Again the table explains its self and the only change from the fullback table is I consider 35 points to be the bench mark for the last two columns.  If your four wing/centre players can get you 35 points or more each game (140 points) you are well on the way to a big score and not relying so much on those high priced meat heads in the forwards to deliver those high 50’s or 60’s scores.

If you have had a look at the top teams in the NEX and DT competition you would have noticed the vast majority have gone with Lowe (42.06), Aubusson (36.61) and Ben Smith (35.00) from the Eels and a selection of different players making up the 4th spot.  Those three players are solid performers but they don’t have the X-Factor of Jaryd Hayne but if you look at the percentage of scores over 35 it would be a brave move to go with someone else.  I’m not going to talk about all of them I’ll just look at some of the alternative options that might make up that 4th spot. 

  GMS Ave Total Pts Tries  Goals MG TA KM Oth Lost Pts >= 35 % >= 35
LOWE 17 42.06 715 4 157 591 3 34 -74 16 94.12%
AUBUSSON 18 36.61 659 24 115 504 0 84 -68 11 61.11%
HAYNE 16 35.38 566 32 265 68 175 114 -88 9 56.25%
LEWIS 14 35.07 491 20 117 360 9 94 -109 8 57.14%
SMITH, B 15 35.00 525 12 86 462 0 24 -59 10 66.67%
SCOTT 14 31.07 435 4 104 308 1 76 -58 6 42.86%
SMITH, N 14 30.50 427 0 72 406 1 14 -66 4 28.57%
Lawrence 18 27.06 487 40 149 309 3 56 -70 1 5.56%
Kenny-Dowell 18 25.61 461 48 221 200 7 82 -97 2 11.11%
ROGERS 12 24.67 296 38 84 159 28 47 -60 2 16.67%

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Eels feud – Hayne V Anderson

Star Blues fullback Jarryd Hayne’s preparations for State of Origin III are in a spin with revelations he has fallen out with Parramatta club coach Daniel Anderson. The relationship between Anderson and Hayne is at breaking point, with Hayne’s agent Wayne Beavis on Sunday night calling for an urgent meeting to thrash out their differences. Hayne was singled out for criticism in the wake of the Eels’ 10-6 loss against the Broncos at Parramatta Stadium on Saturday. He was so upset he stormed out of the ground, boycotting a compulsory team function with fans at the Leagues Club. Parramatta directors have summonsed Anderson to appear before the board on Tuesday to explain the team’s poor form and the falling-out with Hayne. After the match, Anderson told the press conference: “I think our fullback is learning. He wasn’t good tonight in my opinion. “Not many people will say it, but he was off his game.” Obviously disappointed he had been singled out for criticism, Hayne told reporters: “We’re just not jelling at the moment. It’s the coach’s job … it’s for him to bring us together and to work that out.” Beavis denies it, but there are some in the Eels camp who have been concerned for two months that Hayne’s ego is getting out of control now that he is by far the highest-paid player at the club and one of the most high-profile players in the game. “Jarryd has changed a lot since last year,” one insider said. “There is a genuine concern that all the publicity has got to him.” It is understood Anderson has spoken to Hayne regularly about his form in recent weeks.

Hayne and Slater in nervous wait

THE NRL match review committee will analyse every moment when Billy Slater and Jarryd Hayne came into contact during Friday night’s spiteful match at Parramatta Stadium before deciding whether to charge the pair and place their State of Origin places in jeopardy. While Hayne appears certain to be sanctioned for his 62nd-minute headbutt of Slater, the case against his Melbourne and Queensland counterpart is less clear-cut. The committee must decide whether Slater — who has privately denied he sledged Hayne relentlessly during the game despite reports to the contrary — made contact with Hayne when the Storm custodian appeared to throw an elbow at the Eels superstar in retaliation to the headbutt only moments later. Those two incidents, however, may be just the tip of the iceberg. The match review committee will also check an incident before half-time when Slater slid in with his knees on Hayne, while Hayne will also be under review for a choker hold on Slater which immediately preceded the headbutt. In anticipation of either Hayne or Slater — or both — being charged, NSW and ARL chief executive Geoff Carr has already spoken to NRL chief executive David Gallop about moving the hearing forward by 24 hours. With the NSW team to be named tonight and the Queensland side tomorrow, an early hearing would help smooth the waters for both teams.

The Judiciary

Queensland halfback Johnathan Thurston will need to win a case at the NRL judiciary to play again before State of Origin II on June 16. Thurston has been hit with a grade one detrimental conduct charge for his expletive-laden complaint to referee Jason Robinson about a forward pass in the final minute of North Queensland’s 24-20 loss to Manly on Saturday night. The Test No.7 will miss Monday night’s ANZ Stadium clash with South Sydney regardless of whether he enters the early guilty plea or unsuccessfully defends the charge at the judiciary. With Origin players to be stood down from round 14 games – when the Cowboys meet Canberra – Thurston’s only chance of playing again before game two of the series is to win a case at the judiciary. The struggling Cowboys, currently 14th on the NRL ladder, have until 12pm on Tuesday to decide whether they will fight the charge. Continue reading

The Parramatta Eels is another side that will have their last bye in round 14 and they too have a few players worth considering to shore up some key positions for the remainder of the season, some bargains and some that maybe look better than they really are.  Here are four players that could fit into those categories.

Nathan Hindmarsh (2RF) @ $368,800.00, averaging 52.20.   Hindmarsh is the Eels, what will they or we coaches do with out him.  He was someone I considered at the start of the season but his price and the talk about his hand injury made me shy away from him.  The starting price of $367,700.00 meant he had to start scoring around 58 points to keep his value.  By round 6 he had dropped in value by $37,000.00 averaging only 46.33 per game.  Since round 6 he has played four games averaging 61.00, increasing his round 6 value by $38,100.00 and regaining all of his starting price with a little extra.  His tackle count of 439 is the second highest in the NRL with a low of 33 in round 2 and a high in round 7 where he pulled of 57 for a score of 71, his highest score of the season while his lowest score was a 41 in round 2.  He is currently the second best Dream Team performer, behind David Stagg.  The things you should know; His current season average of 52.20 makes his market value around $335,000.00.  His average for the last three games is 57.66, which makes his current market value about right.  With the score of 48 in round 11 he will need to score a 64 or better in round 12 to hold his current price.  Continue reading

Eels Captain Cayless to call it quits

Parramatta Eels Captain Nathan Cayless has decided to retire from Rugby League this season, with an official announcement expected this afternoon. Having just led Parramatta for the 200th time last weekend, the Kiwi warhorse this week told friends 2010 would be his swansong season. Cayless’s place in the starting front row has been under the microscope during Parramatta’s below-par opening month and there have been calls for coach Daniel Anderson to bench him and hand the captaincy to fellow Eels veteran Nathan Hindmarsh. The 32-year-old, however, has the support of his teammates and was again named in the top 13 for Monday night’s clash against Canberra.

The skinny on Daniel Mortimer’s illness

Eels coach Daniel Anderson admits he is alarmed at just how badly young playmaker Daniel Mortimer has been struck down by illness. Mortimer was a shock withdrawal from the Eels’ NRL loss to Wests Tigers last Friday after suffering from severe gastritis. Anderson said he returned to training on Wednesday after being bed-ridden for four days. “He’s lost a significant amount of weight and he really can’t afford to lose that much,” Anderson said. However despite his weight loss, Anderson says he is confident the 20-year-old will be able to pull through and overcome his bad health by Saturday’s game against the Sharks. “The eyes were brighter and there was a bit of zest and cheek,” he said. “By Saturday he’ll be fine.”