G’day Coaches, among the new features being trialled at the NEX website this year is the new NEX Tipping Analyser. This season the NEX companion website has seen a marked improvement of individual hits viewing the website, this of course means alot of passionate, informed Rugby League brains are casting their eyes and thoughts over the content presented. It was this mainly that got us thinking, why not take advantage of this valuable resource by intoducing the NEX Tipping Analyser. We know alot of Coaches are not only in a Dream Team competition, but also participate in a number of different tipping competitions and some don’t mind throwing on the occasional wager, but it seems every round it’s getting harder to pick a winner. We have always had the betting odds displayed to give you some idea of where the bookies are heading, but every week theres always an upset or two. So why not lean on the NEXpertise of our visiting coaches and check what everyone is thinking? This will of course require punter participation but all you will have to do is select a winning team and click vote! Even if we get 1 out of every 10 visitors lending their thoughts in the poll the results should displayed a collective idea of where the round is heading each week. So if the NEX site helps you in some way, we encourage you to head over to the sidebar and add your 9 clicks worth of opinion, as this will only survive with public participation.This in turn might help you gain Tipping supremacy as well as DT glory – might even put a couple of bucks in your pocket if your that way inclined.

PS Bare with me on the Poll layout, its a work in progress! Feel free to vote though, cosmetic changes will not change the results.