With round 1 out the way its time to take stock of your performance and start preparing for round 2. 

In the lead up to the round 1 kick off, I talked a lot about developing a strategy for the season.  If you have taken the time to look at coaching results, not just from the top Dream Teams but the ones involved in NEX, you can see from the results there are many different strategies in play – only time will tell if those coaches have come up with the right strategy to achieve success in 2011. 

Round 1 is not the time to start panicking if your team or individual players didn’t get the score you were hoping for.  The only thing you will need to concern yourself with at this early stage is money!!  By that I mean, come the end of round 3 are you going to loose a heap of money on individual players because their three game average will be way below break-even and unlikely to gain that lost ground anytime soon.  If you did okay on the weekend then you should stay focused on your strategy and have a little faith.  Some of those high priced stars you may have been looking to recruit later in the year may get a whole lot cheaper after round 3.  If you are facing a huge financial loss then you have some tough decisions to make. 

To make my point I’ll single out one player, Corey Parker currently at $391,700.00 and the most expensive player in Dream Team.  On the weekend, he scored just 43 points but needed much more than that to give coaches a return on their investment.  This all means he has to score 85 points in the next round to stay on track.  If you are one of those players looking to buy him watch the next few rounds closely, he could get a whole lot cheaper after round 3.  If you got him and you are thinking of getting rid of him, give it a little more thought.  

In 2010, Parker had just two scores below 50.  They were a pair of 47’s in round 2 against the Raiders when injury prevented him from playing the whole game and round 22 against the Cowboys.  Remember the strategy you started the season with – he is a Dream Team scoring machine.  The only advantage to you for replacing now is to find someone who is going to make you a fortune after round 3, someone who is dirt cheap, averaging around 40 points or more and far exceeding the break-even score they started the season with.  The bigger the gap between the break-even score and their three game average the bigger the profit.  There is no doubt you will need Parker in your team at some point, trade now it will cost you two trades in the end just to get him back.      

There are of course more high priced stars out there with a similar Corey Parker story and others stars that have really performed.  Have a look at “NRL Dream Team Top Performers” post for round 1.  Be careful with using trades this early if it not a part of your overall strategy – do your research, keep checking out the posts on the NEX website through the week and if you do want to make changes leave it until Friday when you have got the “Late Mail.”  Nothing worse than bringing someone into your team that isn’t going to play. 

Injuries:  It didn’t take long for injuries to have an effect on results.  This is why you should have had 25 scoring players on your books at the start of round 1.  Unless there are long-term injuries, don’t rush in and trade – think of the long term consequences of wasting a trade if you would want him back in your team later.

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