We are just 12 days from the kick off to the 2011 NRL/NEX Dream Team competitions so there isn’t much time left to work out that all important campaign strategy. 

In Part 1 – I talked about the Raiders and the advantage they had for coaches in the 2011 season.  They are not the only team with an advantage when it comes to the early bye rounds.  Another team with a similar advantage is the Warriors

The Warriors have their 1st bye in round 12 with the Raiders.  Be wary though – if you stack your team with players from the Raiders and Warriors it may cost you a win in your round 12 head-to-head clash in your individual league or get you knocked out of the Eliminator Competition.   

If you are considering the Warriors, they have some good scoring options to choose from.  New players to the club, old players, players returning from injury and a couple of cheap options to make you money and trade up to those high priced stars.  The down side to the Warriors is they share their round 17 bye with the Cowboys, Sea Eagles, Storm, Tigers, and the Titans

Another team to consider in your long-term strategy is the Roosters.  In 2010, the Roosters had their byes in rounds 11 and 15.  In 2011, they have their byes in round 9 (with 7 other clubs) and round 15 with the Raiders.   

Of course, all this information will mean nothing unless you have a clear goal for 2011. 

  • If you want the car, you will need 17 players available every week of the competition scoring around 700 points
  • If you want to win the Eliminator you only need your best or close to your best 17 players available from round 11 onwards
  • If you want to win your individual league you only need your best or close to your best players available for all the head-to-head rounds

In 2010, the three front-runners on averages in the NEX Premiership Cup were –

  •  Coach Scott and his Rebs Rebels @ 660.65 (Prelim Final)
  • Coach Shane and his Sabian Sonors @ 655.46 (minor final bottom 8 )
  • Coach Jahred and his Saints @ 650.31  – (current NEX Premiers) 
2010 700 plus 800 plus
Saints 11 1
Rebels 8 2
Sonors 7


 The table above relates to the head-to-head rounds for the NEX Premiership Cup in 2010. 

Put simply, by winning more games than any other coach, and winning the ones that counted, Coach Jahred won the title.  In 18 head-to-head matchs, the Saints had 12 scores in excess of 700 (more than the rest), for 15 wins.

I hope this is helpful – Good luck coaches.