Like every other year before, I spent some time in the off-season working on a team and strategy that will give me an NEX Premiership.  And like every other year before the same problems cause the same headache once registrations open; how can I get the team I want with a $4.2 million salary cap.

 The biggest problem is those high priced stars;  

Corey Parker (2RF) from the Broncos @ $391,700.00, averaged 57.14 in 2009 or Nathan Hindmarsh (2RF) from Parramatta @ $363,600.00, averaged 53.04 in 2009; the list goes on. 

Some of you may have researched those high priced stars while last years stats were available at DTHQ.  Some of you might want to invest in the NEW Dream Team Pro package, which gives you historical statistics of all the 2011 players and much more. 

There are some great bargains out there to find if you do your research.  I am not going to give up the names of those bargains priced players but for those of you trying to work out if Corey Parker or any of those other high priced stars are worth spending all that cash before round 1 – I might be able to help a little. 

Towards the end of last season, I wrote a series of articles reviewing the top performers in all the key positions, which included a breakdown of their key stats.  I also wrote some articles, “Preparing For The Bye Rounds”, where I reviewed players from different clubs.  There might be something in there that helps you with your team. 

To help out just a little bit more, based on the way DTHQ priced players last year, Corey Parker @ $391,700.00 will need to be scoring approximately 61 points per game to hold that value while  Nathan Hindmarsh, @  $363,600.00, will need to score approximately 57 points per game.  I hope that helps with your salary cap blues.

With the NEX competition getting stronger every year, you can’t afford to get it wrong at the start.  Good luck everyone.