With the finals almost upon us there maybe some coaches looking for options to strengthen their line up and give them an edge over their opposition. 

There is very little difference between the top teams in fact most of the top teams in the NEX and Dream Team share a lot of the same players across all key positions.   That makes it very difficult to get a win as the round 20 match up between the Sonors and the Cougars showed.  There was only 12 points separating them after both posted 800 plus scores.  

In the next two weeks I’ll review all the key positions and review a couple of players worth talking about.  Some of it will be old news but I’ll try and provide a different spin on it.  

The fullback’s will be the first position I’ll review.  The table explains it’s self with the last two columns looking at scores over 30.  

  GMS Ave Total Pts Tries  Goals MG TA KM Other Lost Points >= 30 % >= 30
Gidley 11 37.82 416 84 158 130 34 58 -48 8 72.73%
Carney 18 37.61 677 172 157 186 140 123 -101 13 72.22%
Hayne 16 35.38 566 32 265 68 175 114 -88 11 68.75%
Gordon 17 26.65 453 164 153 159 2 38 -63 7 41.18%
HOHAIA 16 23.63 378 12 173 135 76 48 -66 6 37.50%

If you want your fullback to score you good points each week then you really only have three options, Gidley (37.82), Carney (37.61) and Hayne (35.38), and as the stats above show all three have very different games.  

Kurt Gidley (37.82) @ $259,900.00, 50 points in his last round (R-20): Only 4,246 DT coaches have selected him, that maybe due to his injury at the start of the year or his starting price of $215,100.00 was too high.  I have had him in my DT last year and was disappointed with his scores.  His lowest score of 19 came in round 7 against the Sharks and his highest score of 52 came in round 19, which was against the Sharks.  The dominate part of his game is the 158 MG and you can realistically expect around 20 per game.  The other dominant are is the 130 TA and can expect around 10 – 15 points per game there.  He does have a good spread of points in other areas but he has lost 48 points from mistakes, which averages about 4.36 per game lost.  The good points are 72% of his games have netted 30 points or better, the last 5 rounds he has averaged 41.40 and 3 times he has made it to the 50’s.  At the moment he is considerable cheaper than Carney and only $500.00 more expensive than Hayne.  There are only two teams in the NEX that have him in their team, the Townsvillains (8th) and the Dark Knights (13th).  If you are looking for a different option at fullback to give your team the edge or perhaps free up some money to strengthen other key positions then Gidley is worth a look.

Todd Carney (37.61) @ $284,800.00, adding $164,500.00 to his round 1 stating price and scoring 58 in his last round (R-20):  44,286 coaches have him in their team (45.64%) and why wouldn’t you have him.  If you got him at the start of the season and still have him he has become one of the best investments in DT this season.  It hasn’t been all plain sailing though in round 3 he had a season low of 7, 11 in round 6, 17 in round 7, 15 in round 12 and a 27 in round 13.  Since round 13 he has amassed a total of 300 points from 6 games at an average of 50.00, which include a season high of 77 in round 17 against Canberra with the lowest score being a 35 in round 18 against South’s.  72% of his scores have been 30 or more (3 x 50 plus and a 77).  There are 4 equally dominant parts of his game, the 172 points from goals and tries, 157 MG, 186 TA and 140 KM.  The down side is the 101 points he has lost through mistakes.  Now playing in a more comfortable role as the 5/8th the Roosters are finding form and he is a big part of that success.  All the top sides have him. 

Jarryd Hayne (35.38) @ $259,400.00, scoring 32 in his last game (R-20):  This is one of those players who can make you or break you whether he is in your team or against you.  Pretty much like last year he had a slow start and in the first 6 rounds he had a high of 46 in round 2 against Manly and a low of 19 in round 3 against the Tigers.  The other four scores were in the low 20’s.  Sine round 6 he has played 10 games with a low score of 32 in round 20 and a high of 60 in round 19.  There has only been one other score above 50 and that was a 51 in round 13 against Melbourne.  Only two areas of his game dominate and that is the massive 265 MG and the 175 KM, the rest of his game is pretty ordinary with 62 fewer tackles than Gidley and loosing 88 points from mistakes at a rate of 5.5 points per game.  If you look at his last two rounds where he scored 32 in round 20 and a 60 in round 19 you will see; Round 20 he dominated the first half and destroyed the Bulldogs scoring 2 tries, 12 MG and 10 KM, loosing 7 points through mistakes for a total of 32. The game against the Panthers in round 19 he only got one try but had 21 MG and 16 KM, 6 OL, some points in other areas, loosing 4 from mistakes to score a total of 60.   At his current price Hayne will only need to average around 41 points a game to hold that price but with the 60 in round 19 he will only need to score around 33 in his next round from his price to go up.  Hayne doesn’t have the all round game to like Gidley or Carney so if you are looking at Hayne as an option, even though he is in form, don’t expect scores in the 40’s or 50’s on a regular basis.