Continuing with our Spotlight Series, last night I was taking the garbage out and got caught like a deer in headlights and decided it was time to spill the beans on the Villains. I must say it was more than a bit weird getting interviewed by myself…….

Which Telstra Cup team will win the Premiership, loyalties aside?

Panthers – Wealth of talent, minimal injuries at present, under the radar, guns as well as workers.

Which Telstra Cup team would you like most see take the Wooden Spoon this year ?

Broncos – A hatred that spans many seasons, back to when I wore the Raiders Video Ezy jersey with pride.

Which team do you support ?

North Queensland Cowboys (Help … please help)

How many games would you catch on average each week ?

5 on Average (Not Enough!)

Which footy shows do you watch, if any?

None on a regular basis, but prefer Fox shows over Free to Air. Although did watch some of the Nine Footy Show just last Thursday and never saw one skit, but didn’t watch the whole show! The Roast gets a special mention also.

If you could change one aspect of the NRL, what would it be ? (Rules, Video Ref, Telecast etc.)

Two for me – 1. Bring Back Reserve Grade, more ‘seasoned’ replacements 2. Reduced Interchange = Reduced Injuries, if they continually have 100+ kilo fresh forwards running at 80 minute backs injuries will continue to be a major part of our game.

Where does your State of Origin loyalties lie ?

Qld – No.5 is Alive !!!!!! Where can I get my polo before they have to stitch up a No.6 version ????

Which NEX Cup team other than your own, will win the NEX Cup?

Tough call, but I am thinkin a Saints V Zakus Final – toss a coin !?!?

Who’s the toughest NEX Competitor?

For me personally, it’s Coach Nick and his Zaku’s. 3 – 0 to the Premiers and one of them was the GF….. I will get my win Coach, maybe not this season, but one day …. one day …..

Against which team in the NEX would the victory taste the sweetest , and why ?

Well other than the obvious (see above) The Villains and the Dark Knights have had a nice battle going for a few years but the wins weigh in my favour on that ledger. Other than Coach Trav my partner in editorials Coach Mick and the Rhinos has been talking the talk lately, we’ll have to see if the Rhinos can walk the walk, 1 a piece is it?

Which team has been the surprise packet of the NEX this season thus far ?

The Saints, although as a whole I think all the incumbets have improved dramatically. (Except maybe Coach Don and his Heroes, ah well there’s always next year mate)

Who’s your best smokie (Underpriced big performer) so far ? (it is understood if you want to keep currently burgeoning smoky’s under wraps)

It’s pretty much as Coach Nick put it – Everyone has them, but would have to say from Buy to Sell probably Fulton for me seeming when I recruited him in my starting side, I knew very little about him as a player.

Who’s your biggest recruiting disappointment ? (You can check your Trades History over at DTHQ if he is already gooooone)

(Albert Kelly, Though he was a bargain at $73,000 That bloke was that awful, they should of paid us to take him.) I ditto that reply by Coach Nick again, I expected bucket loads from this guy and had other options as well, disappointment plus.

Which player would you like to recruit, but for whatever reason just can’t seem to fit him in ?

Was only discussing this trade with Coach Trav in the last week. Mr Stagg has always beeen there, wanting in with the Villains but I had to deny appointment for the good of the club. Will probably be my downfall.

Realistically, what ambitions do you hold for your teams finals placing in the NEX ?

I just don’t have enough trades to make it unfortunately, with an unbelievable streak of luck I could compete but with the season thus far it ain’t gonna happen. That’s not to say I aint gunna ruffle some feathers along the way, realistically a finish in the top 8 but not a NEX Cup holder – but as they say ‘Anything can happen in Finals Footy’

What’s your team current worth ? (Available from the Team History tab under your main Team page)

$5,315,000 (My best this season this far, coincidentally)

How many trades do you have left to see out the season and do you believe that will be enough

5 And ahhhhh not a chance in hades

Out of those Trades used so far, how many were forced by injury? (Check your Trades History Tab on your main Team Page at DTHQ if they are all now a blur)

14 (I think, even looking at them I am losing track)

Do you employ strategies when trading, or is it a week by week seat of your pants type process ?

I have strategies that are employed every season, unfortunately injuries tend to cancel out most but I do stick to one that has seen the Villains into runner up on two occasions. (I shoulda won my debut DT season Mick !!! Shoulda coulda…. dmn you Team Tigers and Brad Tighe.)

Is your team playing to your expectations?

I cannot really complain, most of the time the Villains reach they’re averages and thats what I buy them on, so Yes.

What was your biggest Coaching error ?

A couple of big early scores by Carney cost me, I just couldn’t pick when he was gonna fire – so I booted him !

What head to head got away from you ?

Hallers bloody Heroes – All I’m gonna say is LUKE LEWIS ……….

Which game was a lucky win ?

I think it was the first round V the Dandies? The Villains scored a PB of 747 and fired on all 8, any backfire that weekend would have ended in a loss as the Dandies also scored 700+. Ben Hannant had a blinder beyond expectations from memory, due to an injury to another Dogs forward. (Yeah I’m hearin ya Coach Don)

Name a song that best suits your team ?

An excerpt depicting Season 2010 for The Mighty Villains

We were full of beans
But we were dying like flies
And those big black birds,
they were circling in the sky,
And you know what they say, yeah,
Nobody deserves to die.

Which upcoming match do you look forward to the least?

I look forward to the hardest matches the most, but if I can’t compete come game time is when I regret it. The Saints and Sonors will be freakin tough, but The Villains will turn up boys, so be ready !!!

Do you visit the NEX Website ?

Not as much as I would like, I have been slipping a bit lately due to work and life,  and for pickin up that slack I am very thankful for Coach Mick of the Rhinos for his help with the NEX site. The Bye rounds posts have proved very popular and something I just straight up couldn’t do. If any other Coach wants to have a go and make the NEX bigger and better than it already is please send us a hoy and we will get something sorted. Thanks again Mick, but our head to head won’t be any easier in light of your assistance !

Do you have any suggestions that would make it better ?

Stand By, I will post a suggestion in the NEXt couple of weeks for your perusal/opinion.

Do you feel your team has been poorly represented in the NEX editorials ?

Yeah – I am no bloody Guru !! Well, I assume that is more a reference to the NEX website and bringing all us top grade Couch Coaches into one comp, so with that in mind it’s a compliment. As for myself publishing the Villains exploits, I never enjoy it.

How long have you been participating in a DT League ?

Started in the ‘Try Happy’ Fox Fantasy Comp a couple of years ago and at the same time dipped my toe with the Dark Knights (then CAVE) into NRL DT, we both have not looked back since, and have brought all of those Fox Coaches with us.

Are you in any other NRL DT Leagues or Fantasy League competitions, and which is superior ? (e.g. Supercoach, Fox Fantasy etc.)

Nah, have thought about SuperCoach, but one is enough – I aint gotta lotta hair as it is.

How does the NEX stand up to other Leagues (if applicable) ?

I want the NEX to be on top, and I know we have the Coaches to do it.

On average how much time do you spend on your team a weak ?

Yep its one of my favourite past times, I love my league and DT is just fuel to the fire. Average is as much as I can – the Firefox tab is always open. Paul Rudd – Knocked Up – substitute Fantasy Baseball for League = That’s me.

Do you feel that DT is enhancing on hindering your NRL viewing enjoyment ?

Infinitely better, one of my lesser strategies is to spread the wealth so usually I have one or two in every team. Makes games that bit more spicier, both good and bad it’s all interest in the game.

Being the No EXcuses Cup, if you were allowed one excuse this season thus far – what would it be ?


What position in the League rankings do you think the NEX will be in come seasons end ?

95th – Lets break the ton Coaches

How did you get an invite to the NEX Cup?

I wanted to compete with passionate League supporters, and Tipping just wasn’t  as enjoyable or challenging enough

Would you like to compete again in the NEX next season ?

As long the majority is there, the NEX will continue.

Most memorable rugby league game (Telstra/Winfield Cup/Test/State Of Origin) match and why?

This was a GOOD Day for me! Marty Bella plays the ball backwards off the kick, and my league legend Mal Meninga creams Terry Lamb, scores a try and retires a premiership winner with my then team the Canberra Raiders. The irony is Marty came up to the Cowboys the very next year……

7:09 = Big MAL !!!