The NZ Warriors is the other team to share the bye in round 14 with the Rooster. After round 7 I reviewed Michael Luck (2RF) @ $278,100.00 (42.70), Aaron Heremaia (HOK/Half) @ $174,600.00 (31.85) and Sam RAPIRA (FRF) @ $257,300.00 (40.30).  I’ll review those players again but there isn’t much else worth looking at across the ditch. 

 Michael Luck (2RF) @ $278,100.00, averaging 42.70.  Luck has played 5 games since round 7 with scores of 41, 39, 51, 38 and 38 and has now lost $57,300.00 from his starting price.  The good things are he has made 406 tackles in 10 games and only lost 34 in mistakes, 9 in the last 4 games.  The bad things are tackling is about all he does with only 56 points coming from two other areas.  If he doesn’t get 46 in his next game he will drop in value again.   There is nothing more I can add.

Aaron Heremaia (HOK/Half) @ $174,600.00, averaging 31.85.   I picked him up after round 7 and was doing pretty good until round 8, adding $93,300.00 to his starting price.  Since round 8 he has lost $49,100.00 with scores of 35, 27, 26, 16 and 16.  Those scores are low and while mistakes cost him scores in the 30’s on in rounds 11 and 12 he will need to score 50 or more point in his next game to hold his value.  So what do you do with him?  Round 13 saw 800 scores posted in the NEX-Cup the Saints (808) and Rebels (818) got their scores with their hookers scoring 105 and 126 points with combinations of Smith and Luke and Smith and Farah.  The C-MEN (823) only had one scoring hooker in the form of Matt BALLIN who scored 54 points.  If you look at the top 10 teams in the DT comp you’ll see Farah features in all but 1 team backed up with a strong second option in Smith, Priddis or Luke.  

 Sam RAPIRA (FRF) @ $257,300.00, averaging 40.30.  RAPIRA hasn’t played since round 11 due to a knee injury and his due back in round 17.  His round 1 starting price was $234,400.00 and added $33,100.00 by round 6.  Since round 6 he has scores of 33, 49, 36 and 35 to loose $10,200.00.  His highest score of 49 came in rounds 5 and 8 and his lowest of 33 came in rounds 2 and 7.  His points come from tackles and MG.  His tackle count does vary from low of 18 in round 2 to a high of 41 in round 8.   If he does make a return in round 17, which just happens to be the last of the major bye rounds, will he get the game time to be of any help?  Who knows!  It’s hard to get excited about anyone from the Warriors now.