It’s been a while in between drinks, but the NEX Spotlight has flickered back to life and who better to highlight than the current NEX Cup title holder – Coach Nick and his Zaku Eagles. I would like readers to keep in mind that this Spotlight was filled out way back on the 22nd April so some answers may no longer be accurate (Editors fault for which I apologise), but an interesting profile nonetheless of one of our fiercest competitors –

Which Telstra Cup team will win the Premiership, loyalties aside?


Which Telstra Cup team would you like most see take the Wooden Spoon this year ?


Which team do you support ?


How many games would you catch on average each week ?

6-7( Too Many)

Which footy shows do you watch, if any?

Try to catch them all, but you cant beat the original Thurs edition.

If you could change one aspect of the NRL, what would it be ? (Rules, Video Ref, Telecast etc.)

All looks good to me.

Where does your State of Origin loyalties lie ?


Which NEX Cup team other than your own, will win the NEX Cup?

At the moment the Sonors I reckon.

Who’s the toughest NEX Competitor?

So far this year, REBS REBELS, as they defeated me.

Against which team in the NEX would the victory taste the sweetest , and why ?

Fazzies Cougars.- They talk the talk, but just cannot put the performance on the board when it counts.(these words could come back to haunt me)

Which team has been the surprise packet of the NEX this season thus far ?


Who’s your best smokie (Underpriced big performer) so far ? (it is understood if you want to keep currently burgeoning smoky’s under wraps)

There is a few.. Burgess, Fensom. Everyone has them, so nothing new. Best smokie of the year overall though, will see at the end I suppose. I have a few doing well.

Who’s your biggest recruiting disappointment ? (You can check your Trades History over at DTHQ if he is already gooooone)

Albert Kelly, Though he was a bargain at $73,000 That bloke was that awful, they should of paid us to take him.

Which player would you like to recruit, but for whatever reason just can’t seem to fit him in ?

Farah/Stagg. Very consistent, but cost a fortune. Origin contender’s too, so bit of risk.

Realistically, what ambitions do you hold for your teams finals placing in the NEX ?

Lets hope to get in the top 8, maybe snag a top 4 spot. Old cliche..Just take it one week at a time.

What’s your team current worth ? (Available from the Team History tab under your main Team page)

$5, 129, 800. ( with the value increases these players are getting, they better start bloody performing)

How many trades do you have left to see out the season and do you believe that will be enough

24 and $90, 000, Plenty of room to move.

Out of those Trades used so far, how many were forced by injury? (Check your Trades History Tab on your main Team Page at DTHQ if they are all now a blur)


Do you employ strategies when trading, or is it a week by week seat of your pants type process ?

Very strategic, I take into account who i’m playing, upcoming byes…so on.

Is your team playing to your expectations

Yeah I reckon they are, Would love to have my full strengh team playing though. Injuries and suspension’s have put me back a little, everyone is in the same boat though. My reserves have stepped up nicely, so well done to them.

What was your biggest Coaching error ?

Couple of recruiting errors. Buying Albert Kelly, and also Grant Millington’s ave is starting to drop.

What head to head got away from you ?

Rd 5 vs Rebels, thought i had them, but with players ruled out and underperforming they got me. They have a great team there, even at full strength i would of struggled.

Which game was a lucky win ?

Opening game vs the heroes…hammered with late withdrawels, but managed to get the two points.

Name a song that best suits your team ?

Which upcoming match do you look forward to the least?

Look forward to every challenge. All tough games in this comp. This week will be hard vs the Villians.

Do you visit the NEX Website ?

Constantly, congrats to Ray for doing a fantastic job.

Do you have any suggestions that would make it better ?


Do you feel your team has been poorly represented in the NEX editorials ?

No, It makes it hard to slip under the radar though, with every performance evaluated. Great read.

How long have you been participating in a DT League ?

Years, since inception I reckon.

Are you in any other NRL DT Leagues or Fantasy League competitions, and which is superior ? (e.g. Supercoach, Fox Fantasy etc.)

Daily telegraph supercoach, but nothing compares to the NEX comp.

How does the NEX stand up to other Leagues (if applicable) ?

Much better results.

On average how much time do you spend on your team a weak ?

Way to much…Daily at least.

Do you feel that DT is enhancing on hindering your NRL viewing enjoyment ?

Both… Hindering, I hate watching when David Stagg flops on every tackle and racks up 60 points for the team I’m playing. But also enhances viewing when I see my players performing well.

Being the No EXcuses Cup, if you were allowed one excuse this season thus far – what would it be ?

I wish teams would announce their late withdrawels before cut off. Injuries and suspension has cost me big scores this year. No excuses though…I have the reserves to back up.

What position in the League rankings do you think the NEX will be in come seasons end ?

100/ 5961

How did you get an invite to the NEX Cup?

Reigning premiers I reckon. Every wants to knock off the current Premier’s.

Would you like to compete again in the NEX next season ?

Very much so.

Most memorable rugby league game (Telstra/Winfield Cup/Test/State Of Origin) match and why?

2008 Grand Final, watching Manly redeem themselves from 2007 was out Standing. Closely followed by every match Parra crumble in when it comes to Final’s/ Grand Final’s time. (Thats for you Fazzie’s Cougars)