The Parramatta Eels is another side that will have their last bye in round 14 and they too have a few players worth considering to shore up some key positions for the remainder of the season, some bargains and some that maybe look better than they really are.  Here are four players that could fit into those categories.

Nathan Hindmarsh (2RF) @ $368,800.00, averaging 52.20.   Hindmarsh is the Eels, what will they or we coaches do with out him.  He was someone I considered at the start of the season but his price and the talk about his hand injury made me shy away from him.  The starting price of $367,700.00 meant he had to start scoring around 58 points to keep his value.  By round 6 he had dropped in value by $37,000.00 averaging only 46.33 per game.  Since round 6 he has played four games averaging 61.00, increasing his round 6 value by $38,100.00 and regaining all of his starting price with a little extra.  His tackle count of 439 is the second highest in the NRL with a low of 33 in round 2 and a high in round 7 where he pulled of 57 for a score of 71, his highest score of the season while his lowest score was a 41 in round 2.  He is currently the second best Dream Team performer, behind David Stagg.  The things you should know; His current season average of 52.20 makes his market value around $335,000.00.  His average for the last three games is 57.66, which makes his current market value about right.  With the score of 48 in round 11 he will need to score a 64 or better in round 12 to hold his current price. 

Feleti Mateo (2RF/Half) @ $228,300.00, averaging 34.00.  I can’t think of too many teams that didn’t have in their side in 2008.  In 2009 he was the first pick for many coaches but his season was plagued with injury.  In 2010 Mateo has played every game for the Eels with mixed results as far as scoring points in the DT comp.  His round 1 starting price was $252,600.00 and by round 8 had lost $42,900.00 in value.  In rounds 10 and 11 he has scored a 42 and a 49 to get back $10,900.00, which is more like the form he showed in 2008 and is encouraging if you are looking at him as an option for the remainder of the season.   You can break his season down into two parts, the first from rounds 1 to 6 and the second rounds 7 to 11.  He started off the season with a 47 in round 1 but then he has had a mixed bag until round 7.  His lowest scores came in rounds 2 & 4 where he scored 18 and 16 respectively, averaging 29.83 for the first 6 rounds.  He has lost a total of 43 points in mistakes, 34 points coming from the first 6 rounds.  He has played 4 games since round 6 and scored a total of 161 points averaging 40.25 with his highest score of 49 coming in round 11, only loosing 9 points from mistakes. His tackle count varies with highs of 35 & 32 in rounds 1 & 11 but don’t expect more that 20.  His real value comes with the points he scores in the other areas, 80 points coming from MG, 48 from Off Loads (OL), a try and 10 points coming from Try Assists (TS) and Line Breaks (LB).  Add to that he has had two rounds of mistake free football.  At his current season average his market value is around $218,000.00 but if he continues the form displayed since round 6 expect his value to go up to around $257,000.00.  

Ben Smith (2RF/Centre/Wing) @ $242,300.00, averaging 36.89.  Smith is one of those rare players you move around from the second row into the back line and there aren’t too many of the top coaches either in the NEX or the other DT comps who haven’t got him in their backline.  His starting price was $189,600.00 and since then it has been all up, adding $52,900.00 to his value until round 11 where he lost $200.00.  He really is Mr Consistency, all but two scores have been below 35, his lowest score of 28 was n round 11 and the high of 47 came in round 8.  As far as the Centre/Wing position goes he is ranked as the 3rd best in DT, behind Lowe and Aubusson and if you were smart enough to get him early he has been a gold mine for you.  It’s his tackle count that makes him something special for the backline with 306 tackles for the season.  While he has had a couple of rounds in the 20’s you can expect 30 backed up with points from MG and the ability to score tries.  On the down side he has lost 42 points from mistakes and if you look at his scores for the season you really can’t expect to get more than his current average.  At his current season average he is worth $236,000.00 and will need to score about 45 points in his next game to hold his current price of $242,300.00

Daniel Mortimer (Half) @ $207,700.00 averaging 30.67.  Mortimer was a must have when he finally made his debut in the 2009 season.  This season his starting price was $268,000.00 and I haven’t seen too many DT coaches who had him in their side at the start of the season.  That has been a pretty smart move, loosing $60,300.00 from his value.  His tackle count varies but you can expect around 20 per game, he will get you valuable points in MG & KM with a try or two and some points from OL, LB, LA and TS.  So what is the problem, well his mistakes have been costly, loosing 76 points from 10 games and hasn’t played a game of mistake free football yet.  The lowest score of 21 came in round 2 with a high of 43 coming in round 11.  At his current season average expect his price to drop to around $196,000.00 but if plays to his average from his last 3 games (34.00) expect his price to go up to around $216,000.00 and only has to score about 28 points in his next game to loose value.  His good points are he is capable of scoring good points, he will not get a SOO call up and if he could start playing mistake free football he might be worth considering.