In the next few weeks leading into round 14, I will look at the 5 teams that will have their second and final bye round and the players that should be available for the remainder of the season. 

I haven’t actually reviewed the Canterbury Bulldogs before but round 14 will see them have their final bye round.  The Doggies have a couple of players you might want to consider picking up to carry you through for the rest of the season and also have a couple of players that might look attractive at the moment but when you really look hard they may not be a great option.

David Stagg (2RF) @ $361,800.00, averaging 54.00Stagg really doesn’t need any introduction; if you haven’t got him in your team you most likely want him.  He was a real find in 2009 for us coaches that got onto him early and was one of the most consistent performers.  This year his starting price was $374,800.00, which meant he had to start producing scores of 59 or better to be value for money.  I have had him since the start and haven’t regretted it, particularly since he didn’t get a call up for SOO. His form may not be much different to last year, but last year if you got in early you could have got him for the low $200’s.  Up until round 7 he was averaging 51.28 and lost $30,500.00 from his starting price.  Since round 7 he has played three games averaging 60.33 and regaining some of his round one value.  This is his season so far and all the good points; He hasn’t missed a game all season, has pulled off 456 tackles to be the leading tackler for the NRL, 17 tackles ahead of Nathan Hindmarsh.  His lowest score was a 41 in round 3 and a high of 69 (love that number) in round 8 where he played mistake free football, pulling of 50 tackles and scoring 10 points in other areas.  In 10 games of football he has only lost 23 points from mistakes.  Stagg will need to score 58 or better to keep his current value and if he continues his current 3 game average expect his price to reach $380,000.00 plus.  

Ben Hannant (FRF) @ $303,900.00, averaging 42.57Hannant injured his knee in round 7 and the Bulldogs website has him out for at least another 3 weeks, which would make it round 15.  His form has been up and down all season with the lows of 27 and a 26 in rounds 3 and 7 (injured) and a high of 69 (love it) in round 4.  In 7 rounds he’s had only two scores over 50 and lost $17,700.00 from his round 1 starting price.  Ben hasn’t been happy in Sydney and who could blame him, they are only cockroaches .  While a fit, happy and inform would be a must in any team don’t rush in, there are a couple of things to consider.  He may get a SOO call up and with his 26 in round 7 he will need to score something like a 68 in his next game for him to hold his current price. 

Andrew Ryan (2RF) @ $262,700.00, averaging 38.60.  I picked Ryan up last year but got rid of him because he just wasn’t getting the scores on the board.  His round 1 starting price was $250,100.00 and by round 6 he had lost $31,700.00 in value and only averaging 32.16.  Since round 6 he has played 4 games and his form has taken on a dramatic change and looks like he has stepped up in the absence of Ben Hannant.  In the last 4 rounds his average has jumped to 48.25 pulling off 149 tackles and scoring 47 points in MG.  His high was in round 7 where he scored 58 points on the back of 47 tackles.  His average for the last 3 games is 45 and if he continues that form expect his price to go up to $280,000.00

Blake Green (HOK/Half) @ $213,500.00, averaging 31.50Green has played every game since round 2.  Then, his starting price was $235,600.00 and by round 7 he had lost $47,300.00 in value.  Since round 7 his average has jumped to 41.33 in the last three rounds with a high of 59 in round 11, adding $25,200.00 to his value and regaining some of his starting price.  The score of 59 in round 11 was from only 30 tackles but added 16 points in KM.  It looks like he has taken over the kicking duties in general play while Brett Kimmorley and Michael Ennis are away on SOO duties.  Take out the 59 in round 11, his current average of 31.50 makes him worth around $202,000.00.