In Part 3 of Preparing for the bye rounds, I focused on the Canberra Raiders and that there was a big advantage of having a couple or Raiders in your team after the round 9 bye. 

If you have got players like Bronson Harrison and Terry Campese in your team already then it is about the pay off big time.  Round 12 is the final bye round for the Raiders so, baring injury, you will have those players available for the rest of the season.  If you need players who can score 40 points or more in a game then the Raiders have 3 to choose from.

Bronson Harrison (2RF) @ $285,800.00 averaging 40.22.  When I first looked at the Raiders it was after round 7.  Harrison was down on form, valued @ $251,900.00, averaging 36.86 from 7 rounds and had lost $41,000 from his round 1 starting price.  I made the comments then, “What has happened to him this year” & “If he gets the tackle count up and plays mistake free football he might be worth a look.”  Well he’s back!  Since round 7 he has gone up in value by $33,900.00, has averaged 50.33 points per game, pulled off 106 tackles, scored 50 points in other areas and only lost 5 points from errors.  He is ranked 6th amongst the second rowers (was  12th in round 10), so he is coming good at the right time.  Harrison has no more NZ Test commitments until the 4 Nations in October/November 2010 so if he continues his current form expect his price to go over $300,000.00.  He is real value for money now.  

Terry Campese (Half) @ $325,400.00 averaging 49.90.  In round 11 he produced a 65, which would have made a lot of coaches happy.  He has only had three scores below 40 all season; the lowest was 28 in round 6.  His highest score was 70 in round 4 and also a 68 in round 2.  The pluses are he scores valuable kick metre (KM) points in every game, his lowest was 15 in round 10 and his highest was 28 in round 8; He is their goal kicker and while his tackle count varies he pulled of 42 in round 2 and you can expect around 20 per game.  He does make mistakes, mainly from missed tackles rather than errors in general play.  He has lost $6,500.00 from his starting price but he is ranked as the No:1 half and the 4th best player overall in the DT comp. Campese has been overlooked for SOO duties.  His average for the last three rounds is 54.00 so if he continues that sort of form expect his price to go up around another $20,000.00.  If you have got the money and the trades left, he maybe worth a look.

One player I didn’t review earlier was Shaun Fensom (2RF) @ $274,700.00, averaging 49.83Fensom has been out injured thanks to a recurring back injury.  His last game was in round 7 where he scored 30 points on the back of 22 tackles.  His average for his last three rounds, which includes the 30 in round 7, is 47.00.  The Canberra Raiders website has him listed to return in round 13 after the bye.  This guy is a tackling dynamo, pulling off 253 tackles in 6 games and only loosing 16 points with mistakes (6 missed tackles & conceded 10 points in penalties).  He has only had 2 games under 40, a 39 in round 1 & 30 in round 7 when he got injured, the rest have been 50 or more.  If he returns from injury in round 13 he will only need to score 38 for him to improve on his current price.  If he keeps scoring at his current average or better expect his value to climb to $300,000.00 plus.  Some coaches have carried him since round 7, no doubt hoping he does return in round 13 and gets the game time to make some big scores.   

I also reviewed Josh Miller (FRF/2RF) after round 7.  At that time he was just coming back from injury and valued @ $213,000, averaging 26.67 from 3 rounds, which includes an 8 in round 1 (injured) and 34 and a 38 in rounds 6 and 7 respectively.  Well injury has struck him again (shoulder) and is due back in round 13 according to the Raiders website.   The price is good, if he returns he will need to score 30 or better or his price will almost certainly go down.  He may not be worth the risk.