In round 11, the Roosters and the Bronco’s have their first bye with four other teams.  The Roosters and the Bronco’s have their second bye in round 15 and 18 respectively while the other four teams have their 2nd bye in round 17, along with the Rabbitohs and the Knights.

If you can limit the damage from the round 9 and 11 byes then you may benefit by having a mix of players from the Raiders, Warriors, Roosters and the Bronco’s.   Their 2nd bye rounds are spread out and they only share the bye with one other team and that should limit the damage for the remaining two big byes in rounds 14 and 17.

 The Roosters:

Jason Ryles (FRF) @ $187,500, averaging 32.57.  Not a great average but here’s the low down.  He has added $67,200 to his round 1 start price and was named in the round 11 run on side.  His tackle count fluctuates but it seems you can expect 30 a game with 10 or more points in MG.  His highest score was 44 in round 1 with 28 tackles, 9 MG, 8 OL and only 1 mistackle.  The down side he does concede penalties and makes mistakes, loosing 28 points in 7 rounds of football.   If he continues to get good game time you can expect high 30’s and if he plays mistake free football regular scores of 40 are possible, making him worth a look.

Nate Miles (FRF/2RF) @ $254,100, averaging 39.56.  Round 1 was his highest score of 57, which included 38 tackles, 13 MG, 8 OL and only conceding 2 points from a penalty.  He chucked a wobbly in rounds 2 and 3 but since then he has been back on track.  The price maybe a little high but I’ll just concentrate on his form in the last 4 rounds where he has pulled off 124 tackles scored 53 in MG, 6 in OL then gave away 19 points in mistakes.  In the last three rounds he averaged 41.00, could have been 45.75 if he didn’t make so many mistakes.