The Warriors have their first bye in round 9 along with 7 other clubs.  Apart from the Raiders, the rest of the teams from the round 9 bye have their second bye in either round 14 or 17, sharing the bye round with 5 other teams.

 The round 15 bye for the Warriors is shared with the Roosters.  If you haven’t got anyone from the Warriors before the round 9 bye you might want to consider picking up one or two to limit the damage of the round 11 and round 14 byes.  The beauty of the Warriors is, while they have test players they are not going to be hit hard with SOO.

Michael Luck (2RF) @ $310,900, averaging 44.00 from 5 games.  He made his return to the Warriors line up in round 6 after missing 2 games through injury.  He has lost $24,500 from his round 1 starting price but his form in round 4 was typical of his form last year.  His score of 55 in round 4 came from 48 tackles, 8 in MG, 4 in OL but lost 5 with mistakes.  He is a handy replacement for David Stagg or Nathan Hindmarsh who will both be missing in the round 14 bye and Stagg will most likely be playing SOO. 

Aaron Heremaia (HOK/Half) @ $219,700, averaging 36.14 from 6 games.  I have this bloke as my backup hooker and I noticed a few other coaches have done the same.  He has added $89,300 to his round 1 starting price and seems to be improving each week.  His lowest score of 26 was in round 2 and then a 28 in round 7.  In between those scores he was averaging 40.25 for the 4 rounds.  Except for the two low scores, his tackle count is consistently above 30 each week and scores well in MG.  In round 6 he got through 41 tackles, 7 points in MG, 2 in OL but lost 9 in mistakes.  A score of 50 was oh so close.

Sam RAPIRA (FRF) @ $265,000, averaging 40.43.  He has added $30,600 to his starting price and while he may be considered a little expensive to pick up at the moment but he does have some good points worth considering.  His lowest score was 33 in round 2 where he only made 18 tackles but scored a total of 21 points from a try, MG, OL and LB, only to undo the good work by loosing 6 from mistakes.  His tackle count is up and down but he consistently scores well in MG (72 points from 7) and regularly gets points in OL.  His highest score of 49 was in round 5 where he made 37 tackles, 16 points in MG and OL then loosing 4 from missed tackles.  The down side he has lost 29 points from mistakes, 23 coming from missed tackles.