• Players like Johnathan Thurston, Willie Tonga, Carl Webb, Luke O’Donnell, Matt Bowen – they’re world-class players (Carl Webb ?)
  • If I can add a different dimension to the team and put my skills together with everybody else’s, then I think we can have a fair chance at having a really successful year.
  • I didn’t really want to go to a club that wasn’t going to be a top-eight contender and I think North Queensland are on the verge of something special (Hmm… what does that say about the Knights?)
  • I don’t really look back on the past, I look forward to the future,” he said. “I looked at the team up here and thought I could play my best football at the Cowboys
  • Last year I was coming back from a knee reconstruction, you can use that as an excuse or whatever, but this year I’ve got no excuses. (Does he know about our comp?)
  • I’ll be 100 per cent fit and ready to roll
  • The professionalism of the set-up that they’ve got up here, the way that they’ve handled the whole situation … I’m glad it’s all settled now and I can just get along with playing football, what I do best.
  • It’s not a maroon jersey [but] I think it’s the closest thing I’ll get to playing for Queensland,” (Keep Dreamin Willie)
  • They’re definitely passionate about football, Queenslanders, and I love that about them. If you play some good football, you get the rewards (Look out if you don’t though! What were we (Qlders) again – Nutbag Rednecks, thats it)